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6 ways a flight attendant might be injured

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2023 | Work injuries |

Many workers are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, even flight attendants.

It may be hard to know what kind of injuries would cause a flight attendant to seek out workers’ comp benefits. Here are some common injuries:

1. Lifting

Some passengers need help lifting their luggage onto the plane and into the overhead compartments. When this happens, it’s often the flight attendants’ responsibility to help the passengers out. In some cases, flight attendants have been injured after lifting luggage. They could experience back and spine injuries that make it hard to do their job.

2. Turbulence

Turbulence can be scary, but, as a flight attendant, it’s part of the job. While many flight attendants adapt to a little turbulence, sometimes it can get dangerous. There have been times when turbulence has caused major injuries

Turbulence can toss flight attendants around, causing bruises, cuts, sprains, fractures and many other injuries. Some flight attendants have even suffered from head injuries and have been left unconscious. 

3. Fatigue

Flight attendants often have to work odd and long hours. While passengers can sleep on overnight trips, flight attendants may be required to stay up. Working as such can cause sleep disorders and fatigue. Fatigue can eventually cause stress and other mental disorders and may even impact a flight attendant’s physical well-being.

4. Slip and fall

Whether someone spilled something, a flight attendant tripped on someone’s outstretched leg or there was turbulence, there’s always the chance of suffering from a slip-and-fall accident. Slip-and-fall accidents can cause head, spine, back and neck conditions and other medical complications.

5. Passenger violence

Flight attendants don’t often talk about how violent passengers can get, but it does happen. Sometimes the altercation may be as simple as someone wanting the window seat but it could also happen because passengers would rather not follow airline policies. Unruly passengers can put flight attendants in danger. 

6. Transportation

Because of how big airports are, some flight attendants are transported from one plane to the next. However, during this transportation, flight attendants could suffer from a vehicle accident. While this may rarely happen, it shouldn’t be overlooked. 

You may need to know that filing a workers’ comp can be difficult. You may need to be aware of the legal steps to ensure you get the benefits you need to recover from your injuries.