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Study links caffeine and trucker motor vehicle accidents

On Behalf of | May 1, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

In Massachusetts and across the country, large trucks are frequently seen on the road. Drivers of passenger vehicles may feel intimidated by their size and the speeds at which they travel. Motor vehicle accidents can be dangerous on their own, but when the crash involves a large truck, the injuries can be severe, and fatalities are common.

There are mandates for truckers to follow in terms of the amount of time they can spend on the road. However, those who are transporting essential items due to the current circumstances have been exempted from these mandates for the time being. With that, more truckers might take certain steps like ingesting greater amounts of caffeine to stay alert. A recent study indicates that this may be a risk for motor vehicle accidents. This is based on long-term caffeine use.

Researchers analyzed more than 3,000 truckers. They found that nearly 28% of drivers who had more than five cups of coffee or the equivalent amount of caffeine in a day had an accident in the previous three years. For drivers who had lesser amounts, around one cup per day, the number of drivers who’d had a recent accident was 21.6%. The study’s authors are careful to emphasize that a correlation between caffeine and auto accidents does not automatically imply causation. Still, there are other issues to consider, including drivers who drink more caffeine being drowsy behind the wheel, having poor health, being prone to consuming greater amounts of alcohol, smoking and having an unhealthy diet.

To maintain alertness and to drive longer, it is common for drivers to use caffeine as a stimulant. This study suggests that it could spark motor vehicle accidents, so people who share the road with trucks could be in jeopardy. Medical expenses, financial challenges, the inability to work, the need for extensive medical care and a family needing to move forward without a loved one are all considerations. To seek compensation in a legal filing after a truck accident, a law firm experienced in personal injury may be able to help.