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15 year’s ago, I looked in the Yellow Pages (yes the actual Yellow Pages book) as so many pre-internet folk did in the year 2010. I found a firm with a fairly large advertisement on the back page and so never having needed a lawyer prior to this, and not really relying on the internet so much yet, I figured the bigger the ad the better the lawyer!? Now, that saying wouldn’t really hold water today, but back then…well, here I am 15 years later, writing a review for a guy who I haven’t seen, in just as long. Attorney, John Elmore is hands down, one of the most professional, moral, transparent, knowledgeable attorneys I have ever met, and from the moment you meet him, you will feel relief in whatever case brought you to him in the first place. His ability to lay the facts out for you in a simple way, leaves you truly feeling like FINALLY someone has your back. I could honestly keep going on about him personally, but the bottom line, he is FAIR, he is EFFICIENT and he fights like hell for his clients because he truly understands what is at stake…if you’re looking for this type of attorney, than you’re dealing with a situation that is life altering at very least, if not completely life changing. John Elmore is going to fight for you, not like it’s his job, but like it’s your life… and when you meet him, you’ll instantly know he cares about yours. Good luck to all seeking this sort of help. It can be a nightmare but you found the right man.
— Earl Skidds