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Innovative ways to treat rare cancers are becoming possible

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2020 | Medical Malpractice |

If you live in Hampton or another part of the Merrimack Valley in Massachusetts or New Hampshire and have suffered as a result of a medical diagnosis error, you may have the grounds to file a malpractice claim. Misdiagnoses and delayed diagnoses are actually some of the most frequently cited factors in these claims.

The misdiagnosis of rare cancers

Diagnostic errors are especially likely in the case of those with rare types of cancer. Outside of individual case reports, the data regarding such diseases can be slim because there are too few people to be brought together for a clinical trial. Lack of data means a shortage of specialists who can treat these cancers. The result can affect both a person’s physical and emotional health as he or she starts feeling increasingly isolated and without hope.

Effective ways to treat these cancers

There has been a push, though, to find innovative ways of treating rare cancers. For example, certain immunotherapy drugs can treat cancer based on genetic mutations, like mismatch repair deficiency, which can be found in well-known cancers like colorectal and prostate cancer as well as the obscure ones like acinar cell sarcoma, which affects the pancreas.

Developing niche drugs for rare cancers is one way that small biotechnology companies could make a name for themselves, so there are financial incentives to consider as well. Such incentives are provided by the FDA, too, for drugs aimed at patient groups of 200,000 or fewer people.

Patient registries and EHRs help

To treat rare cancers, doctors need to know the commonalities between the patients. Patient registries help greatly in this regard because they provide patients’ self-reported information and allow for research into rare cancers without the need for a clinical trial. Electronic health records also bring together crucial information to this end.

Malpractice attorney to help with your case

Whether your condition is rare or frequently seen, you may be able to file a medical malpractice case if the doctor or other medical professional who took care of you was negligent. An attorney may help you gather proof supporting your side and even be of assistance during the negotiation for a settlement.