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What makes the interstate so safe?

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Inexperienced drivers are sometimes afraid of the interstate. The fast speeds and different road designs make it a frightening place to drive. They imagine that the odds of getting involved in a serious car accident are much higher.

In actuality, the interstate is one of the safest places to drive. It is true that speed can have an impact on the severity of a crash, but there are many other factors that outweigh this slight increase in risk. What is it that makes the interstate relatively safe, despite appearances to the contrary?

One-direction traffic

First and foremost, traffic on the interstate is almost always traveling in the same direction. This virtually eliminates the odds of a head-on accident. There are still some situations in which it can happen, such as when a vehicle crosses the median, but these events are exceedingly rare. Rear-end accidents are more common and can certainly still be dangerous, but they are less likely to result in fatalities.

Traffic controls

Additionally, accidents are common when vehicles are crossing other lanes or unexpectedly entering the roadway, such as when someone is pulling out of the driveway. On the interstate, there are on-ramps and exit ramps in place to control the flow of traffic. This means that all drivers can easily expect where other vehicles should be and react appropriately. This strict level of control reduces the odds of an accident even at higher speeds.

Serious crashes can certainly happen, but it’s important for drivers to understand that they can happen anywhere and that their perceptions of a dangerous road may not strictly be accurate. Those who have been injured due to the negligence of other drivers need to know how to seek financial compensation.